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Steel Fabrication Services


 is proud of its top-notch customized metal fabrication services. One of our primary activities is steel fabrication, a procedure we take very seriously. We work with heavy, large, and small parts. Our team of professionals offers more than a dozen metal fabrication services, including precise machining, bending, forming, and a host of other techniques. We handle a wide variety of metals and raw materials.

 We don’t set a limit on the kind of metal that can be fabricated. We can work with a variety of metals, including copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel. We use a range of welding methods, including TIG, MIG, SAW, and arc welding. We are a preferred fabrication due to our expertise in working with numerous metals and welding techniques.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Are you tired of having to schedule regular maintenance for your welding and cutting equipment constantly? For your most valuable machinery, try our yearly maintenance service. We ensure the continued excellent condition of your essential equipment with Annual Maintenance Contracts. Furthermore, we guarantee that whenever maintenance is required, the essential parts of your equipment will be easily accessible.

 Our on-site maintenance services will extend the longevity of your equipment. To ensure long-term optimal performance, our specialists have the expertise to carry out required preventive maintenance.


Repair & Maintenance of Equipment

Perhaps one of the undesirable phases for any equipment is repair and maintenance. This equipment can occasionally cause delays in your urgent fabrication or fail to produce the desired quality. A reliable source can give peace of mind to an equipment owner when it’s time to make a decision.

For most brands of welding, cutting, and related equipment, Red Craft Metal Industry offers repair and maintenance services. The services span a wide range of welding equipment types and are not particular to one brand.


Precision and close attention to detail are necessary for welding skills. As skilled welders, our main goal is to focus on precise handling of materials. You can rely on our welders to do safe, well-executed work.
We have been doing tig and mig welding for many years. The following are areas in which our welders excel:

Argon welding, Alloy welding, Electrical arc welding, Stainless steel welding, and Aluminum welding.

To ensure precision and excellence, the welding technology we use undergoes a variety of processes and inspections. Whether you need welding for a big or small project or maintenance work, we have everything you need to complete the project to the best standards.
Get in touch with us if you want your welding project finished by experts.

Emergency Maintenance Solutions

With years of expertise and industry success, our extensive and varied maintenance solutions are monitored by specialists in their respective fields.
We take pleasure in our professional and efficient project maintenance experience, which covers everything from basic water tank repair and maintenance to sophisticated pumping station operation and maintenance, as well as round-the-clock emergency maintenance.
Completing our preventive, corrective, and yearly maintenance checklist for every maintenance contract we take on directs us to provide insightful maintenance solutions for outstanding results.

Infrastructure maintenance

RCMI is a leading provider of operation and maintenance services including buildings, facilities, power plants, and transportation networks. Comprehending how an infrastructure asset, such as a building, power plant, transit system, bridge, or highway, changes throughout its life, is a crucial perspective for developing an operation and maintenance program to enhance safety and efficiency.

 Our services are improved by utilizing our extensive experience in infrastructure planning, design, and construction. Our competencies include:

  • Developing and implementing asset management programs
  • Managing condition assessment and inspection programs.
    Training and maintenance administration
  • Program development for facilities and maintenance
  • Energy management

Marine and Coastal Engineering Services

RCMI has years of expertise in all areas of engineering and environmental services related to marine civil engineering projects. Our team of experts in maritime and ports is committed to offering creative, cost-effective solutions based on our extensive knowledge in the port, coastal, and marine engineering fields.

We thrive on extremely challenging projects in real-life situations. We maintain port operations and offer customized solutions tailored to the area’s specific needs. Our teams work hard to provide cutting-edge maritime design and industry best practices because they recognize the impact that their designs have on operations. To guarantee coordinated service delivery, our team of civil engineers, coastal engineers, environmental scientists, ecologists, geologists, and transport engineers use an interdisciplinary approach. We take great satisfaction in applying our knowledge and client-centered approach to help our clients maximize their return on investment and realize the intended benefits of their projects.

Waste Water Treatment

RCMI Environmental Solutions offers environmentally friendly wastewater management solutions that are turnkey and suitable for every situation. We are a wastewater treatment facility that can offer you processes for treatment that are both ethical and efficient. Our waste management solutions are committed to helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals while combining cutting-edge technology with environmental preservation. 

At RCMI, we believe sustainable waste management techniques will be used in the future. We are committed to assisting customers in managing untreated wastewater. Find out what sets us apart from other residual waste processing facilities by reading on.
Our dedication lies in providing our clients with solutions that improve sustainability without sacrificing usability. The operators of our wastewater treatment plants provide customized treatment process solutions that satisfy customer requirements and support environment-friendly wastewater treatment techniques.

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