Red Craft Metal Industry is an innovative company established to provide specialized solutions for all types of glazing and metal fabrication works. Its primary goal is to storm the Middle Eastern construction, manufacturing and facility maintenance markets. This will position the business as a leader in the fabrication industry and a competitive player.

With more than 15 years of experience in this industry, our professionals have the knowledge and technological resources to tackle all kinds of metal fabrication and production challenges.
We take great satisfaction in precisely completing even the most challenging metal fabrication projects. Over the years, we have been providing top-tier metal fabrication solutions to meet our clients’ needs both in design and manufacturing. We utilize cutting-edge technologies to draft components and models with precision.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maintain reputable business associations, advance technology, and prioritize professionalism. We consistently improve our quality assurance and manufacturing procedures to provide high-quality goods that adhere to required standards. Our goals are to explore new opportunities, foster a creative and inventive work environment, and conduct business with honor and honesty. By creating job opportunities, we hope to support the social and economic development of our country and place a high priority on the caliber of our human resources and management techniques.

Our Vision

We aim to become the top company in the Middle East for creative manufacturing, construction, and facilities maintenance solutions, and to be respected and esteemed for our steadfast dedication to giving customers excellent value for their investment. We hope to achieve extraordinary success in our linked business. To gain more and more clients, we are committed to providing high-quality services. We do all of this by offering our clients the high-quality products they require.

Our Proactive Team

All engineering project we undertake is constructed in compliance with the technical requirements that our clients provide. We have managed numerous complex projects by being proactive with our customers and completely understanding their requirements. These types of barriers are exactly what our business thrives on, and we consistently provide our clients with creative solutions.

Why Choose Us?

Red Craft Metal industry offers one-stop complete engineering solutions by designing machining parts in-house and shipping them to customers. We specialize in steel fabrication, pneumatic system design, and fabrication, CNC machine services, precision tools and dies, machine parts, jigs, fixtures, trim and form parts for casting industries, carbide tools and pins, equipment items, and all forms of casting components with machining services.