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Explore the premium metal frames from the

—the epitome of strength, style, and adaptability. Our frames are unique in their ability to endure weather conditions and the test of time, having been carefully constructed with devotion and precision.

Kitchen Remodeler Products

Get your kitchen renewed with Red Craft Metal Industry’s premier kitchen remodeling products. We provide a wide range of high-quality metal fixtures and accessories to enhance your space, ranging from stylish metal cabinet hardware to slimline stainless-steel sinks and countertops.

Metal and Steel Enclosure

Red Craft Metal Industry’s premium steel and metal enclosures are designed to increase the safety of your equipment. Our expertly crafted enclosures shield important assets, servers, control panels, and electrical components in industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

Insulated Enclosure System

Red Craft Metal Industry introduces innovative enclosure systems according to your specific needs. These are designed for optimal thermal performance and energy efficiency providing reliable protection for sensitive equipment and electronics in challenging environments.

Mechanical Parts

We at Red Craft Industry, offer a wide range of precision-engineered mechanical parts to meet your industrial requirements. Our expertly designed parts, varying from shafts and couplings to gears and bearings, provide efficiency and reliability in machinery and equipment.

GRP products

We are introducing state-of-the-art GRP (Glass glass-reinforced plastic) products at the Red Craft Metal Industry, ensuring to make your projects shine. Our GRP solutions are unparalleled in strength, durability, and adaptability, which makes them perfect for a variety of uses in the construction industry as well as other fields.

Chemical Safety Cabinets

Ensure the safety of your workplace by installing Red Craft Metal Industries’ Chemical Safety Cabinets. Our cabinets are designed to safely store dangerous chemicals. They have double-walled doors for additional safety and strong steel construction offering versatility to meet different storage needs while guaranteeing compliance with safety regulations.


Red Craft Metal Industry’s premium railings will improve both safety and style. Our handrails are designed with precision and sustainability in mind providing reliable stability and support for ramps, staircases, and walkways in residential, commercial, and industrial environments.


Red Craft Metal Industry’s exceptional railings will increase both safety and style. We offer high-quality fencing systems for farms and agricultural settings that can help you secure your land. Our strong metal fences excel in strength and lifespan, offering dependable security for property borders, crops, and livestock.

SS Pallets

We offer Stainless steel pallets with the highest level of reliability and durability for industrial storage and transportation. Our precision-engineered,  high-quality stainless steel pallets provide exceptional strength and resistance to corrosion, guaranteeing long-lasting performance in warehouses, factories, distribution centers, and in the most demanding environments.

Car Shading

Improve your driving experience with our innovative car shading solutions. These vehicle shades are designed with the finest material and protect from the Sun, UV rays, and bad weather ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Trust Red Craft Metal Industry for Premium car shading solutions.

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