Industries Served

Oil and Gas

Our expertise includes nearly all the oil and gas components needed for upstream, midstream, and downstream applications. Due to the constant need for greater effectiveness in petrochemical and refinery processes, reactor and vessel thickness, diameter, and weight have risen significantly, beyond the capabilities of existing manufacturing technologies.

Our fabrication facility is fully equipped with extensive contemporary equipment for rolling, forming, welding, and clapping. Our proficiency in fabrication enables us to handle a variety of equipment for oil and gas industries.
We concentrate on the most challenging projects. The company’s extraordinary capabilities and highly skilled workforce have allowed it to specialize in producing pressure vessels with remarkable features.

Marine Fabrication and Machining

Extreme environments must not be tolerated by marine equipment. And that’s only in saltwater. At

, we build the largest steel fabrications in marine and have taken up the challenging welds.

RCMI offers comprehensive marine fabrication solutions to the offshore oil and gas, shipping, and marine sectors. We have worked with energy suppliers all over the world on platform, module, skid, and jacket projects, among other offshore platform and structure fabrications.

Our Metal fabrication services include Metal cutting, sheering, forming, bending, rolling, welding, CNC machining, sheet metal assembly, and stringent quality inspection.

Autonomous Vehicle

Automotive production is constantly changing, so precision and dependability aren’t only essential, but also essential to greatness. Specialized metal fabrication services catered to the needs of the automotive industry are offered by Red Craft Metal Industry, a UAE-based company. RCMI is your local partner in promoting innovation and quality in the automotive industry, supporting companies in Umm al Quwain and the other UAE emirates. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the fabrication of various automobile components at RCMI. Our expertise includes the crucial components that are necessary for both the appearance and functionality of the vehicle.

Our team works closely with clients to customize solutions that satisfy their needs. Our advanced facilities can handle projects of any size, whether they need high-volume production or a custom prototype.

Building Construction

Metal fabrication services are essential for the success of the construction industry. There has never been a greater need for high-quality metal fabrication as steel is used extensively on construction sites around the country.

Every project, from multibillion-dollar building initiatives to small-scale growth, requires metal components such as roofs, steel ladders, trusses, structural beams, and more. It’s important to have an experienced metal fabrication contractor who can ensure prompt delivery of products.
There are numerous advantages to using on-shore metal fabrication services, especially when project timelines are involved. By working with the red craft metal industry, you can avoid the lengthy lead times and lower quality that come with outsourcing.

Renewable Energy

Manufacturing for renewable energy is essential to the expansion of the alternative energy industry as well as to the energy sector overall. RCMI is a metal manufacturing business that offers several services necessary for the generation of renewable energy. Modern technologies and procedures are used in the red craft metal industry’s high-grade metal fabrication techniques to assist shorten lead times, save manufacturing costs, and improve uniformity and quality.

With the renewable energy sector holding so much promise, RCMI’s alternative energy fabrication solutions may help companies realize their full potential. Our custom fabrication solutions are designed to meet the distinct requirements of hydroelectric, solar, and wind energy businesses, ensuring optimal efficiency and performance. Having RCMI on your side makes the switch to renewable energy not just feasible but profitable as well.

Power Generation

At RCMI, we provide cutting-edge solutions to produce essential parts for various power generation apparatuses in the nuclear, gas, wind, and hydroelectric power industries.
We have a strong background in innovative production techniques as well as the development of specialized machinery that guarantees the accuracy and caliber needed in the energy industry.

Our Full-Service Fabrication includes welding, CNC machining, sheet metal assembly, quality control, metal shaping, bending, and rolling.